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Natural Dog Spruce Up Pup Organic Schampoo Bar

119 SEK

Natural Dog Sruce Up Pup Organic Schampoo Bar:

Gjord av organiskaoljor som både rengör men även fungerar antiinflamatoriskt och motverkar svamp och bakterier med ett innehåll som lugnar irriterad hud.
Har en mix av essentiella oljor som kommer få din hund att lukta fräscht året om.
Innehåller rosmarin och tallolja som länge använts för att lugna irriterad hud. 

Ett organiskt och helt naturligt hundschampo med essentiella oljor och aromer som ger en skinande ren päls och har lugnande  och återfuktande egenskaper för huden.

This organic, all-natural shampoo with its Balsam Fir essential oil and aroma will give your pup a luxurious shine, soothe & hydrate skin, relieve pain or stress and leave your pup smelling super fresh.



Saponified Organic Oils of Sustainable Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Pine and Balsam Fir Needle Essential Oil Blend, Rosemary Extract, Natural Mineral Pigment. 

Balsam Fir Needle Essential Oil

Antiseptic: When it comes to preventing infection, essential oils have been turned to for thousands of years, and balsam fir needle essential oil is no exception. Thanks to its high concentration of antiseptic organic compounds that can help prevent infections, balsam fir needle essential oil can be a powerful tool that helps keep skin healthy. 

Body Odor: The naturally pleasant smell of balsam fir needle essential oil makes it a wonderful candidate for reducing body odor.  Fir needle essential oil can actually decrease the amount of bacteria in skin that creates a stinky dog odor and leaves your dog smelling fresh as the forest! Our Spruce Up Shampoo Bar truly as a wonderfully fresh smell that is reminiscent of the holidays!

Natural Pine Essential Oil

Skin Care: One of the most important health benefits of pine essential oil is its role in treating various skin problems. Dermatologists often prescribe the oil for treating psoriasis, itching, pimples, eczema, skin diseases, poor skin, sores, and fleas. It gives a balanced, smooth, renewed and hydrated skin and can also act as an antioxidant for the free radicals which can have a negative impact on the health of your skin. Pine essential oil can combat these negative effects.

Fungal Infections: Pine essential oil is antiseptic and is regularly used to fungal infections. Fungal infections are some of the most difficult conditions to treat and can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. 

Rosemary Essential Oil

Hair care: Rosemary oil is widely used for hair care. Regular use of rosemary oil helps to stimulate follicles, making hair stronger and healthier. Rosemary essential oil is also beneficial for dry and flaky skin. Regular massaging of the skin with rosemary oil is nourishing and can prevent flaky skin.